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Montag, 29. Januar 2018, 23:41

Wie pflege ich Taccarum weddellianum ?

Dear Araceae - freaks,

I could not resist...

and I have small tubers of the "Wedelblütigen Aronstabes" :icon_respekt: bought...

On the Internet I found hardly to care... Would be full nice if you could answer me questions about maintaining this absolutely spectacular plant.

What I know is expressed among other things this way instead of Amorphophallus in South America. Brazil, etc. so tropical.

I also know that Taccarum weddellianum similar to maintain is as Amorphophallus. I've read that the way out be can transplant in their resting phase and dry to be held can but not below 15 ° C is to be held. Is that true?

The seller said that she drives out relatively early in the year.

It is in a well permeable substrate pot it and keep relatively dry.

Now my questions: what has proven itself for a soil mix or in what for earth should I pot it.

I have the opportunity to put the plant in a greenhouse, but this is currently only heated 14 ° C, in late spring and in the summer it doesn't currently hold is there then of course much warmer or tropical... Should I keep them warmer for the first time?

I'm assuming that the plant needs lots of light so the best in greenhouses or can I keep it also for the first time on the window sill.

I think that I can keep in the height of summer in the protected outdoor? in July and August for example...

I am looking forward to the tubers full :D

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