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Wednesday, January 20th 2016, 12:06am

Amorphophallus Konjac timelapse

Here is a little time lapse video I made of my newly acquired konjac promptly blooming practically as soon as I got the tuber!

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Mr. Titanum


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Wednesday, January 20th 2016, 10:17am

Hi RAS_666,

this is very nice!

Was the konjac placed on some kind of turntable?
How many pics did you take per hour?

BTW, is the rotten titanum ( ) seen besidde the konjac?

Happy growing, Bernhard.


Wednesday, January 20th 2016, 9:04pm

Yes I made a little turn table for it out of one of those old spinning tv stands and had an arduino turn it a little after each photo. I had problems using an optical slave for the arduino because in the middle of the day the sun was brighter than my flash I think. I had it take 1 photo every 10 minutes and the exposure was fixed so the flash did all the lighting for the pictures the same day and night.

Yes that is the poor little titanum it was doing so well up till a few weeks ago it was on its second leaf I think it was the sudden cold spell we had the temperature dropped to about 10 c in there one day. I have cleaned the tuber up a bit but haven't tryed carbon yet will the same carbon that I use for the fishtank filter work if I grind it up? I will post some pictures of it later it's been sitting in some damp tissues with distilled water last time I checked it it hadn't gone any more rotten.


Wednesday, January 20th 2016, 10:07pm

Here's a few pictures of the titanum tuber and the stem
RAS_666 has attached the following images:
  • 1453323697390image.JPG
  • 1453323833843image.JPG
  • 1453323880326image.JPG
  • 1453323897561image.JPG
  • 1453323913982image.JPG

Mr. Titanum


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Wednesday, January 20th 2016, 10:30pm

Hi RAS_666,

the tuber looks far too wet to me; if it is that wet in damp (paper?) tissue it will probably go on rotting.

I guess you can grind up some of the carbon used for fish tank filters, but dry the tuber with dry paper tissue before dusting it with carbon powder.
I would place the tuber in slightly damp sphagnum afterwards...

But frankly, seeing the great area of naked tuber tissue at the bottom of the tuber, I am afraid the it is lost....

Bregs, Bernhard.



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Wednesday, January 20th 2016, 10:40pm

Great Video, sure it was a lot of work to make.
Great to see Capsicum in the background at the end of the video :)



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Thursday, January 21st 2016, 11:14am

Hi RAS 666,
that's a great Video you took, really faszinating how mobile Amorphpphallus can be!
For the mentioned titanum, I had a similar bulb last year and I lost it, sorry I can't give you any hope; but what about the leave? Did you plant it? In such cases I plant the cut leave in pure wet Perlite and cover it with a transparent pot for high humidity. After some weeks it'll get a nice smal bulb with roots which you can plant in your usual Substrate...
Bernhard surely can tell you more about as I copied the method from him...

Mr. Titanum


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Thursday, January 21st 2016, 2:23pm


and Stephan aka shreck wrote a nice "How to.... " on leaf cuttings - search here in the forum for "Blattstecklinge" or "leaf cuttings"

Happy growing, Bernhard.


Friday, January 22nd 2016, 1:04am

I had just washed it off again in those photos. I will look at the weekend when I can to see if I can find some sphagnum moss. I was thinking of trying a leaf cutting but they appear to be going yellow already I do have the top half of the stem in some water still.

The chillis in the background were a surprise too I bought some seeds supposed to be carolina reapers however they are far from it. On the other hand it was only £4 for the bag of seeds and the amount of chillies that I got from just 10 plants is unbelievable and the plants in the green house had flowers on just before Christmas still!

Tomorrow I will get the leaves chopped up and in some bags I guess it can't do any harm now other than ending up with an army of titanums :icon_winkgrin:


Monday, May 9th 2016, 1:02pm

Sorry I never got round to an update.

Unfortunately the titanium leaf just turned brown and wilted and the tuber seems to have dissapeared only a few bits of skin left :icon_nosmile:

The konjac on the other hand decided to skip a flower this year and go straight for a nice big leaf closely followed by 2 of last year's baby tubers :-D

Not sure why the ends of some of the leaves are turning brown again last year it did the same and I assumed it was a hailstones shower that happend the moment I put the poor plant outside. Apart from that it looks fairly good for a 500g tuber.
RAS_666 has attached the following images:
  • 1462791465433image.JPG
  • 1462791487527image.JPG
  • 1462792496517image.JPG
  • 1462793311175image.JPG

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